Posted by: moralee | October 9, 2009

Setrting up Netgear NETGEAR DG834G Wireless-G ADSL2+ Modem Router

After many hours of grief and hair pulling I felt it only fair to pass on this information:

I recently tried to set up a new NETGEAR DG834G Wireless-G ADSL2+ Modem Router,
Firstly beware the manual does not tell you the full story and does not look much like the software setup that you get when you try to log onto the router using a web browser.

I have set up many router so I was quite happy to log onto the router at as suggested in the manual, however the manual indicated that I should get a fairly standard Netgear router set up page…………..
However I didn’t, I got the Netgear quick setup wizard……. oh well I thought… give it a try….
All went well and it detected the line and filled I the appropriate details and then asked for the user ID and password …so I typed them in and the system tried to connect to the internet… which it did after a few minutes.

All seemed well so I logged out of the router set up and started internet explorer and tried to surf to…………..all I got was the Netgear quick setup wizard again. Obviously I couldn’t have logged off properly, so I logged off again .. I got the thanks foe using Netgear message and the good bye screen. Restarted internet explorer ………..all I got was the Netgear quick setup wizard again.
Tried firefox ….same result…
Ran the Netgear diagnostics.. all is fine and working properly……(oh no its not).
an hour on the phone to AOL technical support … all I wanted to know was if there DNS server was working as I could get if I typed in the IP address directly.

After 3 call and much repetition AOL decided it had to be my computer, despite getting the same result on 2 Windows laptops (XP and windows 7) and a Linux machine. !

So off I go to a friends house to try the router on his BT connection…..same result….. after much messing about I let the setup wizard run through to the wireless section so that I could try another machine using the wifi just in case the Ethernet switch part of the router was faulty.

Hay-Presto as if by magic the setup wizard showed a new screen all complete ( not mentioned in the manual) and 10 seconds later I am on the internet as normal…. reconnected the other machines via Ethernet and all functioned ok.

Went back into the setup via changed the user id and the password back to the AOL settings ….nipped of home and connected back up….. all ok.

So be warned with this router dont forget to set up the wireless section (even if you don’t need wireless) or the setup wizard never properly finishes running and you have a brand new piece of junk..

Best of luck…….By Linksys in future !


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